Tax Savers

Review Exemption Recipients

Since property owners need not re-apply for residential or senior citizen property tax exemptions every year it appears to be quite easy to keep an exemption one is no longer qualified to have.  Example: someone with exemptions decides to move and retain the old property as a rental.  If the move is within the MOA they can choose to not apply for the exemptions on the new property if it has a lessor assessment, or lessor mill levy then the old property.  The result is more exemption then they should be getting.  It is much worse in cases where someone moves out of the state, or out of MOA i

Turning Off Trail Lights

We can save energy and money by reducing the amount of time that the lighting systems are on along many of our trail systems.  I often see the lights on early in the morning after daybreak.

Employee Suggests Way to Save

Arla, accounts payable (ap) employee, makes white copies of the interoffice routing slips, and sends invoices to many offices, including Maintenance & Operations where I am located.   The real saver is that I return all the slips and we use them over and over again until they are thrashed.  Not only do we save copying paper but also the time of Arla making more out.  Can you imagine how much would be saved if all the departments would return the ap routing slips back to Arla?  I also use the back side of other routing slips and save for other coworkers to use.  I will send examples if n

Anchoage School District administrative staff and offices

Why does it take so many people?  Is this why our school taxes are so high?

Diversify with a sales tax

Mayor Sullivan I am a new resident of Anchorage been here for little over a year. I love the area. But I have one nagging question why doesn't the city have a sales tax.

Turn down the heat

If every school turned the heat down by 3 to 5 degrees the energy bill would go down.

Billboards As Revenue Source

I am in favor of Bill Boards on the highway which businesses could "rent" or pay usage permit fees to construct and maintain.

Streamlining Management & Operations

The MOA needs one point of contact for all expendatures for NON-Profit (NP) support. We have numereous departments providing both finacial and maintenance support (read budget $$) to the same NP. The problem is no department is tasked with totalling all the support an activity recieves.

Venue Specific Sales Tax

How about a city tax on sales at the week-end Market and Festival?


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