2012 Approved Budget Spending Details

The 2012 approved budget is $452.3 million, a 2.1% increase above 2011.  As shown in Chart 2, the largest cost is $247.5 million for salaries and benefits, which makes up 55% of spending.  The second largest is $129.4 million (29%) for other services (leases, contracts, utilities, etc.).

Anchoage School District administrative staff and offices

Why does it take so many people?  Is this why our school taxes are so high?

Budget Advisory Commission

Every year, local elected officials seek guidance and input from average citizens about budget-related items. In order to make that guidance more formal, the city’s Budget Advisory Commission was created to advise public officials about the city’s budget-building process.

Preliminary 2012 Budget Information

Anchorage Municipal Code 6.10.040 (A) requires the Administration to provide preliminary information regarding the 2012 budget for general government, utilities, and enterprises at least 120-days prior to the end of the fiscal year.

State of the City 2011

It is a long-standing tradition for the Mayor to present an annual State of the City address to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Sullivan delivered his address on Monday, September 19. Topics included the overall fiscal health of the city, as well as improvements in public safety, street and parks maintenance, and modernization of the city’s services. The presentation also included plans for development, the Mayor’s Education Summit and GIFT Anchorage, a charitable giving program.


Streamlining Management & Operations

The MOA needs one point of contact for all expendatures for NON-Profit (NP) support. We have numereous departments providing both finacial and maintenance support (read budget $$) to the same NP. The problem is no department is tasked with totalling all the support an activity recieves.

Force Retirement of Tier I Employees

There are many Tier I employees still plugging away well after retirement age. Certainly money could be saved not only in paying for their massive benefits packages but in time saved (and worked) considering how much leave they can rack up in a year.

Frequency of Street Sweeping

This spring and early summer, I noticed the street sweeper brigade scouring streets more than once. I live on a cul-de-sac, and even my little street was gone over more than once. I understand the need to get debris off the road, but there was no reason for this slew of sweepers and water trucks to take to these small side streets more than once in the beginning of the year.

Looking to the Future

Transforming City Government—Getting the BEST Bang for the Buck

A key message from the community budget dialogues was that citizens like the current level of municipal services—and they expect government to be efficient before they are willing to pay increased property taxes.

Five major funds

Five Major Funds That Pay For General Government Services


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