2012 Approved General Government Operating Budget

When the Administration started working in July on its proposed budget for 2012, it once again face a challenge. Just as in the last two years, a continuation budget to fund the same level of service in 2012 was projected to increase $19.5 million.

State of the City 2011

It is a long-standing tradition for the Mayor to present an annual State of the City address to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Sullivan delivered his address on Monday, September 19. Topics included the overall fiscal health of the city, as well as improvements in public safety, street and parks maintenance, and modernization of the city’s services. The presentation also included plans for development, the Mayor’s Education Summit and GIFT Anchorage, a charitable giving program.


Donate To City Services

Want to make a voluntary contribution to support a city service beyond what you pay in property taxes?

How are Roads and Buildings Financed?

The annual Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) pays for large-scale improvements such as purchase and/or construction of high-cost, long-lasting assets such as roads, buildings, parks and trails. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a six-year plan that guides the Municipality’s capital improvement plans into the future.  Each year it is updated and serves as the starting point for developing the current year’s CIB.

What are Service Areas?

The Municipality’s Charter requires that our local government operate under a service area concept, which means that residents in particular areas vote to approve taxes to pay for service(s) from the Municipality.

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