Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Turnagain St Upgrade - Northern Lights Blvd to 35th Ave (10-31N)

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

Upgrade the road to urban collector standards. Improvements typically include a new road base, pavement, curb and gutters, storm drain, pedestrian facilities, lighting upgrades, and landscaping.

Project need

Turnagain Street is a narrow two lane road that functions as a residential collector. Current right of way is limited. There are line of sight issues at some of the cross streets.

Project status

Project is on hold until additional funding is received. The design study phase, funded by a 2010 state grant, is substantially complete.

Project Comments

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This is Turnagain Community Council's #2 ranked Roads & Drainage project. TCC currently supports upgrades that include curbs, drainage, pedestrian sidewalk on west side of road, and landscaping. Any design should be sensitive to property owner impacts and take into account traffic generated by Rustic Goat bistro and adjacent apartments.