Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Turnagain Area Traffic Calming and Safety Improvements

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

This project will construct traffic calming projects identified in the 2006 study of the Turnagain area.

Project need

A 2006 Traffic Calming Study of the Turnagain area identified specific projects to be constructed. This project will construct the remainder of those projects.

Project status

This project has not started. There is no funding programmed in the current six-year Capital Improvement Program.

Project Comments

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This is Turnagain Community Counci's #8-ranked Roads & Drainage project. Two of the 2017 Traffic Calming Qualified Streets list for Turnagain are slated to be addressed this summer: McKenzie Dr. (Aldren Cir. to Milky Way Dr.) and W. 33rd Ave. (Turn again St. to Wisconsin St.). TCC is also considering a request for traffic calming by residents of Galactica Dr. and a study could potentially be done summer 2017. If speed humps are recommended for any project, please consider speed "cushions" (humps spaced with wheel slats) that would accommodate fire trucks. Also, please ADD an additional sentence to the Project Scope: "Any remaining projects identified in the 2006 study should be reevaluated, to assess status/need."