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Transportation Corridor Study - KABATA/Seward Hwy to Glen Hwy Connection

Sponsor Agency

State of Alaska

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

Fund a transportation corridor study to investigate the impacts of the various mega-transportation projects slated, but not coordinated. Fund a comprehensive transportation corridor study to identify the impacts, proper uses, and other details required to facilitate coordinated development effort.

Project need

A study needs to be performed to identify how all of these projects are going to work together so they don't all come on line independent of each other causing unwarranted disruption to a neighborhood. The negative impacts of improper coordination are already felt in the neighborhood. These impacts must be mitigated through proper study and coordination. Fairview has three major transportation facilities that could significantly alter the character of the neighborhood. The residents have spoken clearly that development has to match the vision of the neighborhood. This study will be a significant tool to facilitate coordination among the many stakeholders.

Project status

The project has not started. As the roadways involved are state-owned, prioritization and funding would be through the Alaska DOT&PF.

Project Comments

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FVCC - scope description was edited by MOA in 2015; note typos in last sentence which should read "coordinated transportation development effort for this part of the city." As to status, the prioritization and funding may be state DOT, however the study is being requested of the city to identify the deleterious effect that state infrastructure is having on municipal downtown development.

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