Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Erosion

Project scope

Design development and implementation to protect the land water interface along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Project need

To protect the eroding banks along the trail corridor.

Project status

Recent and ongoing bank armoring has provided protection for a 5- 10 year period.

Project Comments

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Please delete.Not applicable to MHCC

SFCC - We would like this project deleted from our listings.The Coastal Trail is across town from us and not likely to be used by many of our council residents.It was built at a time when we had more funds to put into recreational trails, but now we need to focus our limited resources on basic necessities for a growing population.

BCC decided not to rank any of the Parks and Rec projects since our area is serviced by our C/ER Parks and Rec board of supervisors.

FVCC - Please remove from Fairview Priorities. This is not in our council area.

Please delete as not within the boundaries of Hillside CC

SFCC - We would like this project deleted from our listings. It is totally out of our eastside operating area and therefore not applicable. Delete requested by Mark Hill one year ago.

This is Turnagain Community Council's #3-ranked Parks & Recreation project.

DTCC: High, Perhaps with commerce opportunities and toilet locations.