Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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TAP - Transportation Alternatives

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Parks and Recreation

Funds on hand

This is a new project added by the Community Council

Project scope

Add a new TAP project for Pedestrian Easement Development. The project would include funding for surveys and signs to allow for use of platted but undeveloped/unmarked pedestrian easements to enhance connectivity of neighborhoods as well as parks, schools, and commercial centers. This would also work to develop reasonable and non-burdensome standards for identification, development, and use of such easements.

Project need

This project received 9 votes coming in 2nd behind a tie of Section 36 improvements and the Coastal Trail Erosion project. The costs of this project are minimal and would directly feed into the goal of Municipality to be the number one place to live, work, and play as well as developing non-automobile transportation options across the Muni and particularly in our council area where non-motorized or public transportation options are among the most limited anywhere in the Bowl.

Project status

This need is pending review by MOA

Project Comments

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