Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Seward Highway to Glenn Highway Connection (H2H) - Bragaw St to Tudor Rd

Sponsor Agency

State of Alaska

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand

$21 155 000

Additional funds required


Project scope

Connect the Seward Highway to the Glenn Highway with a controlled access freeway. Project may include an 8-lane highway segment between Bragaw Street and Tudor Road. The project is currently on hold.

Project need

The Highway to Highway improvements are considered necessary to address capacity, demand, safety, and system linkage to major destinations and freight mobility on the existing Seward Highway and Glenn Highway NHS routes. These NHS routes provide access to major employment centers in downtown and midtown Anchorage and major intermodal port, rail, and airport facilities. The Seward and Glenn Highway NHS routes are divided highways coming into the center of Anchorage, which transition to urban arterial streets with connecting roads, stop lights, and commercial and residential access. The urban arterial segments of the routes are characterized by high travel demand, congestion, and resulting safety issues caused by traffic levels that have exceeded the capacity of the existing arterial street network.

Project status

Funding for this project is programmed by the state. Improvements to the southern portion of the corridor are being evaluated.

Project Comments

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Delete. Council is opposed to this project.

This has significant impact on the Fairview neighborhood, but no apparent coordination is occurring between H2H and KABATA and other stakeholders. Holding this project indefinitely creates uncertainty which the P&Z board determined was tantamount to a taking. The lack of progress is creating an inverse condemnation of the surrounding properties. See our #4 priority for a Transportation Corridor Study. - Fairview

MVCC - Please delete this project. There appears to be serious confusion in the description of this project. H2H has not previously contemplated turning Bragaw St. into an 8 lane highway (inferred in the description--from Glenn to Tudor). In fact, all area community councils have adopted resolutions calling for a signalized school zone in this area. While MVCC has NOT opposed the Bragaw extension (U-Med Road), it opposes H2H connections listed on the draft 2040 draft LUPM which show H2H connecting mid-Mountain View Drive. The Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan (adopted in code) includes a land use plan map which does not include H2H in Mountain View. That is a fairly authoritative statement from the neighborhood on this project (along with old resolutions of objection to the project in the Neighborhood).

DTCC - Low priority