Reduce Landscaping, Reduce Cost

Reduce Landscaping, Reduce Cost

Citizen Tax Saving Suggestion

Your tax saving suggestion: Even though it looks very nice, I believe that money can be saved by omitting the landscaping that is done when roadwork is completed. The problem happens in the years following the initial landscaping. One example of this is in the UMed district. On Piper Street the landscaping looked nice the first year it was done;however, no one has maintained it. There are other places but I am not going to list individual locations. It would be easier to maintain and more cost effective to just plant grass. Let specific organizations add shrubbery and keep it maintained.

I am not against beautification, I just realize it costs money to maintain landscaping. Our city is know as the city of flowers and lights, therefore, I believe that we should keep the hanging baskets and other planters around the city. I like the corner of Tudor and Lake Otis. That is nice artwork and does not require much maintenance; however, I do not know how much that cost. It might not be a more cost effective option. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to voice my concern.



Municipal Code requires all major road projects to undergo public facility site plan review and landscaping review.  These reviews are heard by the Urban Design Commission.  The Commission is tasked with ensuring the road design provides landscape elements to complement, maintain or improve the landscape quality of adjacent neighborhoods, and to enhance safe, efficient and comfortable public use.  Thus, this is a requirement that cannot be waived.

Maintenance of landscaping is required of the property owner.  As the landscaping along roads may be subject to a more extreme environment, the hardiness of the plant materials is of import.

Angela C. Chambers, AICP

Section Supervisor
MOA Planning Division

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