Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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North Birchwood Loop Rd/Birchwood Spur Rd Surface Rehabilitation

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

State of Alaska

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

This project will re-surface the existing roadway, rehabilitate the drainage ditches and shoulders, replacing culverts as needed, and replacing/installing guardrail as needed.

Project need

This road has never been constructed to standards.

Project status

No work is underway or scheduled in the six-year Capital Improvement Program. This is a state-owned facility and evaluation and funding would be by the State of Alaska. The route is identified as an arterial in the Official Streets and Highways Plan.

Project Comments

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The Community Council only supports surface rehabilitation not widening or realigning the road.

BCC has honored the mayor's request and has selected only 1 priority project for the PM&E and State categories. BCC voted to delete all other projects from the 2017 CIP lists, but requests to keep the project list available for future consideration.