Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Mountain View Dr and McCarrey St Intersection Safety

Community Council

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Project Management and Engineering

Funds on hand

This is a new project added by the Community Council

Project scope

This project will identify the problem issues, design alternatives to be considered, and construct the recommended solution. Construction of a small roundabout was anticipated with the award of a State capital grant in 2012 of $1.3 million. However, excessive design and overhead costs have nearly consumed this entire funding amount--with no work begun to date. A signalized intersection could have been constructed for less than this award, and the community is greatly frustrated at the MOA's failure to implement this project despite significant state investment. This project should be brought to fruition through an MOA areawide road bond in the near future.

Project need

The Traffic Department had identified this intersection as a priority location for improvement. The project will provide safety and enhance circulation to both vehicles and pedestrians. Almost 10,000 vehicles a day travel Mountain View Drive. There have been high rates of pedestrian vs. vehicle fatalities at this intersection, which is a walking route to school.

Project status

There has been no update by the MOA in at least two years to the Council on this project's status, or the exact amount of funding remaining in the $1.3 million award. If no update can be provided, and this grant lapses to the state general fund, the MOA controller should evaluate whether an audit is appropriate.

Project Comments

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