Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Lakeview Terrace Subdivision Area Street Reconstruction

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

This project will reconstruct the streets of Lakeview Terrace Subdivision. Improvements are expected to include a new road base, replacement of the storm drain system with curb and gutter, street lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian facilities if warranted.

Project need

The streets in this neighborhood suffer from the lack of proper drainage. The road base has deteriorated to the point that it must be reconstructed as evidenced by severe frost heaving and cracking and pot holing in the pavement surface. In addition, there is separation between the curbs and asphalt in many places.

Project status

This project has not started. State grant funding is proposed.

Project Comments

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