Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Fish Creek Daylighting

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Funds on hand

This is a new project added by the Community Council

Project scope

Planning documents and feasibility studies should be funded with th goals of removing Fish Creek from culverts and storm drainage from Lake Otis to Cook Inlet at Westchester Lagoon. Phase 1 should include the flood control lake at Cuddy Park and a Right of Way along 40th Avenue to Arctic Blvd and then continuing west along a newly developed creek bed between Wilshire Avenue and Chugach Way to intersect with the archival creek bed at Chugach Way.

Project need

Spenard lacks a safe East-West non-motorized corridor to link the neighborhood to midtown. This riparian corridor presents an ideal ecological restoration project that would enhance the mission of the Spenard Corridor Plan as an asset building ecological and social capital. It would increase the value of nearby properties by providing recreational and utilitarian non-motorized transportation corridor, and access to other commercial and community assets in Midtown.

Project status

This need is pending review by MOA

Project Comments

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