Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Elmore Rd Extension - Abbott Rd to O'Malley Rd

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand


Additional funds required


Project scope

This project will install a new road base, curbs, pavement, pedestrian facilities, drainage, and lighting. Elmore Road is classified as a collector street in the Official Streets and Highways Plan (OS&HP) and will be constructed accordingly.

Project need

Portions of this collector are constructed to gravel standards, but there is no connection between Abbott Road and O'Malley Road. The existing road does not meet standards regarding pavement, pedestrian facilities, drainage, and lighting. The need for this connection has increased with the connection north to Tudor Road.

Project status

Funding is proposed as a funding partnership of state grants and local road bonds.

Project Comments

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The City may have chosen to label this road as a collector in the OS&HP but that is far from the reality of this road. Elmore Road between Abbott and O'Malley is a rural road with approximately 22 properties that would be negatively impacted with this improvement. They would be subject to high drive by traffic, which would include cross town truck traffic from the Glenn to the South end of Anchorage avoiding the current pattern of connecting to the Seward in downtown. Add to that an excessive loss of property to imminent domain that would be required to completely realign this section of Elmore. This project would also cut across a large portion of Ruth Arcand park and the horse trails that it hosts. Thus creating the necessity of horses and riders to cross what would become a busy thoroughfare. Furthermore this road would need to not only cross a section of Little Campbell Creek, a known salmon spawning creek, but would absolutely require a significant elevation change when approaching O'Malley Road heading south. Taking into consideration the High Voltage Electric and water main that runs thru this section as well, the final cost for this approximate 1 mile of connection would far exceed the estimated funds listed for this project. Add to that the human cost to the affected property owners, many who have owned and lived on their properties before the Municipality of Anchorage was part of the equation. This project is the definition of absolute waste.

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This project would change a rural area into a busy thoroughfare and would negatively affect residents on Elmore Road, users of Ruth Arcand Park, and migrating salmon in Little Campbell Creek. Motorists can use Lake Otis Boulevard to travel north and south. I do not support extending Elmore Road from Abbott Road to O'Malley Road.

The north south access in this area is in need of improvement especially for lower hillside. This connector, even if it is kept low speed and less busy would give sorely needed improved access between South and Service high schools. South High has no pool nor trail access for many sports and uses the facilities at Service high daily. Currently kids head up Omalley and across blind hills with no shoulder along Birch to a dangerous intersection with poor visibility to make a left hand rather than right turn onto Abbott, same with the return trip. Surely the home owners and creek can be protected, but the value of spawning salmon in the city is questionable given the reintro of salmon in Anchorage central has led to bear population growth and activity in the city to levels never seen before decades ago. We fully support the extension/connection between Abbott and Omalley along Elmore.

Lets build this much-needed transportation link.