Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Conversion of existing HPS Streetlights to LEDs

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Funds on hand

This is a new project added by the Community Council

Project scope

This project would replace over a 100 existing, older high pressure sodium streetlights int eh OSOVCC area with new, energy efficient light emitting diode LED streetlights. The area would be within Sunset, Hamiliton Park and Colonial Manor subdivisions. Details would be needed as to extent of the project encompasses. An agreement with MOA and Chugach Elect. in Phase #1 of a project in 2013-2014 has enhanced the neighborhood's illumination. The local OSOVCC expressed interest in this in 2015, 2016 and this current year. and has an adopted resolution on this project. This new project is a one time need.

Project need

Due to the energy efficiency and long life of the LED lights, this project will lprovide benefits that will be shared by the neighborhood, MOA and Chugach Elec.Residents will see improved illumination for nightime safety, the MOA will pay lower lighting costs and Chugach will incur less maintenance expense.

Project status

This need is pending review by MOA

Project Comments

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