Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Coastal Trail Bluff/Greenbelt Acquistion

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Parks and Recreation

Funds on hand

This is a new project added by the Community Council

Project scope

Funds would be used to acquire undeveloped land or conservation easements along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail for permanently protected greenbelt status.

Project need

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is the most popular recreational trail in Anchorage with residents and visitors alike. Efforts should be made to procure funding to acquire or otherwise protect with conservation easements portions of the trail and adjacent natural greenbelt buffering that run through non-Municipally owned property, to ensure the integrity of the trail user experience is retained. Specifically, properties located west of Lyn Ary Park to Earthquake Park should be considered for acquisition by potential sellers.

Project status

This need is pending review by MOA

Project Comments

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This is Turnagain Community Council's #7-ranked Parks & Recreation project.