Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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ARDSA Storm Drain System Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (16-20)

Project scope

This project will investigate/assess the condition of the Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA) storm drain systems and rehabilitate those system segments as the needs are identified and prioritized. This goal will be accomplished by evaluating the degree of degradation and functionality in our existing storm drain systems through CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) videoing augmented and by field inspecting segments of pipe. The primary focus of this project will be to concentrate on metal pipes and sections with suspect corrosion, flooding and drainage issues. Inherent with any of these investigative techniques, it may be incumbent upon the investigative staff to complete a condition survey, which may require the cleaning and or vactoring of debris that covers the bottom of the storm drain pipe. Emergency rehabilitation will be completed on segments that have or are near failure to the extent that funding is available. Other sections will be prioritized to be included in a future capital improvement program.

Project need

There are approximately 2,213,000 linear feet of underground storm drain pipe in the Anchorage Road and Drainage Service Area. Metal pipe was primarily used prior 1990 and in some instances developers were creative and even used substitutes such as metal barrels/55 gallon drums laid end to end to divert or convey storm water from their properties. Much of the storm drain pipe that Anchorage has in the ground today is now deteriorated to the extent that in some instances it has completely vanished. Obviously these system failures impact the public in many ways. Primary impacts include health & safety consequences and property damage through flooding.

Project status

This is an annual program with bond funding anticipated. CUI is being tasked.

Project Comments

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Rehabilitation and upgrade of existing storm drainage is not a recognized need of the MVCC. The neighborhood is an older, established, flat community with little expansion. The MVCC does not prioritize this item.

Without specific projects, Turnagain Community Council is NOT RANKING this CIP item. Specific projects should be included in next year's CIP list for evaluation.

DTCC Low Priority if already in the road bond.