Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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ARDSA Alley Paving

Project scope

This program will systematically pave all remaining unpaved alleys in ARDSA.

Project need

There are over 300 unpaved alleys in ARDSA. Unpaved alleys are a nuisance for residents and businesses. Dusty alleys negatively impact the air quality over the Municipality.

Project status

This is an annual program to pave 10-12 alleys each summer in the Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA).

Project Comments

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There are no alleys in Scenic Foothills that would fall under this program so this item is not rated.

MVCC has prioritized this as one of the top 5 priorities in the 2016 adopted Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan, approved by the assembly, and adopted in municipal code. The MVCC supports alley paving in the Mountain View area, completing work begun in 2015 and 2016.

Without site-specific projects, Turnagain Community Council is NOT RANKING this CIP item. Specific projects should be included in next year's CIP list for evaluation.

DELETE from Scenic Foothills list as there are no alleys in Scenic Foothills that would fall under this program. This is not a priority for Scenic Foothills.

DTCC High: Emphasis on paving Ingra to Eagle between 3rd and 4th. Priority number 3.