Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Abbott Rd/Hillside Dr Trail - Rabbit Creek Rd to Seward Hwy

Sponsor Agency

State of Alaska

Estimated Cost


Additional funds required


Project scope

Construct missing trail links and reconstruct those in poor condition.

Project need

The trail is not fully constructed between Rabbit Creek Road and the Seward Highway.

Project status

No work is underway. This trail has been added to the Capital Project Needs List for evaluation and future funding consideration. Both Abbott Road and Hillside Drive are state owned facilities and funding would be from state or federal sources.

Project Comments

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DELETE. No council member could even identify the scope of the project or to what it applied. 0 votes.

Thank you,Adam for your time spent in replying.......

more detail is needed on the project scope....until more info on the scope is provided project will not be considered by Hillside CC