Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Community Garden Site Selection and Design and Management Standards.

Project scope

Identify appropriate parks in the Anchorage Bowl where community garden development is appropriate. Create design and management guidelines to assist the department in building and maintaining community gardens.

Project need

The public demand for plots in MOA Community Gardens far exceeds the current availability. New community gardens have been identified in a number of newly completed park master plans. Funding will be used to develop new community gardens.

Project status

The department currently manages community gardens at The Gardens @ Bragaw, C Street Gardens, Fairview Lyons and McPhee Gardens

Project Comments

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DELETE. Not applicable to RCCC area. 0 votes.

Please delete.Not applicable to MHCC

SFCC - Community Gardens are included in the next phase of Muldoon Town Square Park development and they could complement Chugach Foothills, Little Dipper, & Scenic Park nicely.

BCC decided not to rank any of the Parks and Rec projects since our area is serviced by our C/ER Parks and Rec board of supervisors.

Please delete from Tudor Area Community Council's (TACC) CIP listing. Not within TACC's area.

MVCC supports this project. It has been identified as appropriate for Davis Park (master plan) and would also be appropriate to expand the McPhee gardens (room exists).

Without site-specific projects, Turnagain Community Council is NOT RANKING this CIP item. Specific projects should be included in next year's CIP list for evaluation.

DTCC: Medium because it supports our neighbors. Make study meaningful.