Proposed 2017 Capital Projects

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Golden View Dr Upgrade - Rabbit Creek Rd to Romania Dr (10-26)

Community Council

Sponsor Agency

Project Management and Engineering

Estimated Cost


Funds on hand

$7 553 694

Additional funds required


Project scope

This connection will be a vital link in south Anchorage that will enhance traffic circulation in the area and promote safety. This collector connection is in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Official Streets and Highway Plan. This connection is vital for safety reasons because Goldenview Drive to the north provides the only collector street egress from this large area of south Anchorage. It is a high priority for emergency services (police, fire, medical) and the Rabbit Creek Community Council.

Project need

This existing roadway is a narrow two-lane, strip-paved roadway with minimal pedestrian facilities, and inadequate drainage and lighting. This road serves Goldenview Middle School and a large residential area. This project is a high priority for the LRSA, the school district, the Traffic Department, and the neighborhoods. It will improve safety by providing pedestrian facilities to separate pedestrians and bicycles from vehicle traffic.

Project status

65% design documents for Phase I (Rabbit Creek Road to Ransom Ridge Road) submitted in July. Contract amendment for finalizing Phase I design documents is approved.

Project Comments

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I live on Bluebell. I prefer no street lighting on Goldenview, A major reason for moving to Hillside from College Gate was to get away from street lights shining into my house at night. I want to preserve the beauty of the night sky - we don't even see the northern lights up here anymore. PLEASE NO STREET LIGHTS! If it's an absolute must, then use the new remote lighting system and turn the lights off after 7 pm. Otherwise, NO LIGHTS. I would rather have no lights and skip the road and safety improvements. I don't think the Bluebell and GV intersection is bad IF PEOPLE DRIVE MORE CAREFULLY. Aggressive sanding is all that is needed.