Approved Budget

2012 Approved General Government Operating Budget

When the Administration started working in July on its proposed budget for 2012, it once again face a challenge. Just as in the last two years, a continuation budget to fund the same level of service in 2012 was projected to increase $19.5 million.

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New 2012 Budget

Developing the Proposed 2012 Budget

Given the challenge, the Mayor asked each department to identify potential reductions of increased costs and reduced revenue.  In the summer of 2011 he met with department directors to discuss their ideas.  Some of the proposals impacted the level of service that would be delivered to citizens.  As an alternative, the Mayor asked OMB to “scrub” current year spending to identify other potential savings.

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2012 Approved Budget Revenue Details

The Mayor is required to propose a balanced budget because the Charter prohibits the city from incurring debt without voter approval.  As a result, the budget identifies $452.3 million in revenue from six major sources.  Of this, $245 million (55%) is from property taxes. 

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The BEST Project

Looking to the Future

Transforming City Government—Getting the BEST Bang for the Buck

A key message from the community budget dialogues was that citizens like the current level of municipal services—and they expect government to be efficient before they are willing to pay increased property taxes.

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Budget Terminology

Amount the total budget can be without exceeding the tax limitation. Calculated by adding the amount of taxes allowed under the tax limitation and other anticipated revenues (programs and allocated revenues and intra-governmental charges to non-tax-supported units such as grants and utilities).

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2012 Spending

2012 Approved Budget Spending Details

The 2012 approved budget is $452.3 million, a 2.1% increase above 2011.  As shown in Chart 2, the largest cost is $247.5 million for salaries and benefits, which makes up 55% of spending.  The second largest is $129.4 million (29%) for other services (leases, contracts, utilities, etc.).

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Preliminary 2012 Budget Information

Anchorage Municipal Code 6.10.040 (A) requires the Administration to provide preliminary information regarding the 2012 budget for general government, utilities, and enterprises at least 120-days prior to the end of the fiscal year.

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