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The Mountain View Community Council (MVCC) meets the 2nd Monday of each month (except July) at 7 p.m. at the Mountain View Community Center (Boys and Girls Club) in the downstairs community room.
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Mountain View Capital Project Priorities

A list of proposed projects or needs that will be prioritized by the public through their community council. Here you will see them separated into three categories PM&E, State and Parks & Rec.

Project Management and Engineering

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Status: Feb 28 2017 - This is an annual program to pave 10-12 alleys each summer in the Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA).
Status: May 31 2017 - This project has received funding in every recent year, and is likely not possible without a state grant or municipal funding assistance, which has allowed this event to happen for the past 25 years.
This is a new project added by the Community Council
7 months 3 weeks ago
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Pole bases have been installed. Lighting will be installed in spring 2017.
Status: May 31 2017 - There has been no update by the MOA in at least two years to the Council on this project's status, or the exact amount of funding remaining in the $1.3 million award. If no update can be provided, and this grant lapses to the state general fund, the MOA controller should evaluate whether an audit is appropriate.
This is a new project added by the Community Council
7 months 3 weeks ago
Status: Feb 28 2017 - This project has not started. Local road bonds are proposed for design and construction.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - This project has not started. State grant funding is proposed.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - This is an annual program with bond funding anticipated. CUI is being tasked.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - This project has not started. No work is underway and no funding is proposed in the six-year Capital Improvement Program. The project will remain on the Capital Project Needs List for future funding consideration.

State of Alaska

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Status: Feb 28 2017 - No work is underway. This is a state owned facility and prioritization and funding would be through the State of Alaska.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Funding for this project is programmed by the state. Improvements to the southern portion of the corridor are being evaluated.

Parks & Recreation

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Status: Feb 28 2017 - We have received letters and resolutions of support for a skatepark, pump track and disc golf course from the Mountain View Community Council and the Anchorage Community Land Trust.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Park Maintenance cleans up graffiti and trash in this park weekly.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - The department currently manages community gardens at The Gardens @ Bragaw, C Street Gardens, Fairview Lyons and McPhee Gardens
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Park Maintenance and horticulture crews have cleared parks and trails making current park assets safe for Anchorage citizens.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Anchorage has over 250 miles of tails and improved wayfinding will address safety and navigation concerns.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - The department just completed a small, fenced dog park at Arctic Benson Park. Another project is underway to formalize a fenced off-leash area at Valley of the Moon Park.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - The North Westchester Lagoon Bridge was replaced in 2015 with the Sisson and Fish Creek Bridge being replaced this year. The (2) remaining bridges to be replace are the South Westchester Lagoon Bridge and the 2nd Avenue Bridge.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - Recent and ongoing bank armoring has provided protection for a 5- 10 year period.
Status: Feb 28 2017 - The parking lot at Jodphur has become significantly more popular with the new single track trails that provide summer mountain biking and new winter access to Kincaid Park for non skiers.