2013 budget season is here

Next month we get the first look at next years preliminary budget 


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Anchorage Innovates

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz wants to know what Anchorage thinks about Anchorage - and announces the creation of a new place for the Mayor to receive feedback, comments, questions, and concerns.

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Budget News

2016 State Legislative Program

Municipality of Anchorage, 2016 State Legislative Program (State Fiscal Year 2017)

2016 State Legislative Program (pdf)


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2015 State Legislative Program

Spending responsibly

What is the Money Spent On?

The Operating Budget pays for day-to-day city services—from the employees and equipment to mow the grass at parks and plant flowers; to police officers, their guns and cars; to employees that drive buses, clear snow, and collect property taxes

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2017 Anchorage Community Council Survey

The 2017 survey begins March 1 and will conclude May 31, 2016 with all results displayed here immediately upon completion.

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Citizen Tax Saving Suggestion

Five major service areas

What are Service Areas?

The Municipality’s Charter requires that our local government operate under a service area concept, which means that residents in particular areas vote to approve taxes to pay for service(s) from the Municipality.

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Community Council Surveys

Comments submitted by the community are an important factor in developing the Capital Improvement Budget/Program (CIB/CIP)

Delete this duplicate of a new project entitled: UAA Drive Pedestrian Undercrossing. Retain the o
This is the only project on the list that our council strongly supports.

CIP Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the spring, OMB routes project lists to the community councils for comments.
  • Each department evaluates projects identified and develops a prioritized needs list.
  • Bonds: Primary funding source is voter approved bonds.
  • Federal: secondary funding source is federal funding programmed through the AMATS TIP

Budget Questionare

Budget Poll

The Mayor wants to know what your priorities are. 

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Donate To City Services

Want to make a voluntary contribution to support a city service beyond what you pay in property taxes?

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Helpful Terminology

The governing document that created the Municipality of Anchorage as a home rule government. The charter was adopted in 1975 and may be amended only by a majority of those voting on the approved amendment.

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